what to expect

So, you’ve booked a session with me, what now? We’ll have countless emails, texts, Facetimes, and even coffee shop hangouts to help plan everything to a T. I’ll send you guides to help plan your outfits and know what to expect ahead of time.

My goal at the end of this experience is not only for you to have beautiful photos you love, but also an experience you can look back on and treasure—images that speak to who you are as a couple. Photos that tug on your heart just enough to make you actually feel something. 

my approach

I like to tell my couples that our session is like a little “date night out.” You get to dress up, go somewhere special, love on each other, laugh, dance, listen to music, and just let loose. I want this to be a time where you get to have intimate moments without interruption, you can celebrate the stillness of your love, and enjoy each other’s company. I’ll be there to document every moment along the way. 

food for thought

I completely understand and appreciate the awkward vulnerability that comes with trusting someone enough to peek into your everyday-love-story and put a camera in your face to take photos of it. Your comfort and confidence during our session is what is most important to me. So, whether you are bubbly and outgoing, or shy and introverted, I want this experience to feel natural and authentic. I will meet you wherever you are at and welcome you with open arms. 







Fill out a form on my contact page with all the information about your session or wedding (don’t leave anything out!) — all those little details help me to design a package that’s perfect for you!


We will email back and forth to make sure we’re a great fit and I’ll set up a time for us to chat over the phone, Facetime, or meet up somewhere if you’re local to answer all your questions.


I’ll send over a customized contract for you and once it is signed and your retainer is paid, I’ll officially put you on my calendar and reserve your date!


Now is the time when you get all the free goodies that come along with booking with me. For weddings, you’ll get my wedding welcome guide and vendor list, and for couples sessions you’ll get a guide that helps you prepare for your session and pick out what to wear. 


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